MEG-nificent Brains: Mapping the Path to a Cure for Seizures

Join us as we learn about MEG technology and how it is used to improve epilepsy surgery outcomes for patients. Elizabeth Davenport, Ph.D., Technical Director for the UT Southwestern Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Center of Excellence, shares about harnessing the power of this technology for diagnosis and treatment with pinpointing where a patient's seizure originates in their brain. Additionally, Sasha Alick Lindstrom, M.D., UT Southwestern Triple Boarded Neurologist and Chief Neurophysiologist/Epileptologist for the MEG Program, shares details about her work in caring for patients with epilepsy and how she uses technology tools like the MEG with the latest medications and treatments to find the best options for each patient. Find out more about the work these doctors are doing to determine a surgical plan that can relieve seizures, reduce functional risk, and allow their patients to maintain or improve their quality of life.

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