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SBRT Controls Metastatic Kidney Cancer ‘For As Much as 2 Years’, Says Expert


Data from recent clinical trials indicate that stereotactic radiation can locally control metastatic kidney cancer and delay systemic therapy for close to 2 years, according to Raquibul Hannan, MD, PhD, a professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology, Urology and Immunology at the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

During the 2022 Society for Urologic Oncology (SUO) Annual Meeting, CancerNetwork® spoke with Hannan regarding his presentation on the use of stereotactic radiation for managing metastatic kidney cancer.

He went into detail about findings from a number of clinical trials, including one that was conducted at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, that all demonstrated stereotactic radiation’s efficacy among patients with metastatic kidney cancer.

“[The trials] all showed that the 1-year and 2-year overall survival rates can be as much as 85 to 90% for these patients,” he said.


Recently, 2 prospective phase 2 trials and a prospective multi-institutional registry trial were read out, and all of them suggested that stereotactic radiation can delay the initiation of systemic therapy; it can locally control oligometastatic [renal cell carcinoma] patients for as much as 2 years. This is a paradigm that we have been practicing at UT Southwestern [Medical Center] since early 2013 and 2014. We published one of the first retrospective studies of about 47 patients where we showed that we can control these cancers for [a median of] 15 months. But recently, our own phase 2 study, MD Anderson's phase 2 study, and the multi-institutional prospective registry study all showed that the 1-year and 2-year overall survival rates can be as much as 85 to 90% for these patients, and, on average, we can delay the systemic therapy by 1 to close to 2 years.


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